Meet Our Team

We believe that placing the right people behind our patients and residents is key to assuring all around better continuity of care.

This translates into residents having the same direct caregiver at all times thus fostering a relationship of familiarity and trust. Our team is comprised of professional and dedicated individuals, many whom have been a part of the Briarwood family for a number years.

Jenny Baldassarre, Administrator

Jenny Baldassarre

Azziza Lyoubi-Sesay, Director of Nursing

Azziza Lyoubi-Sesay
Director of Nursing

Charmaine Buchanan, ADON

Charmaine Buchanan

Hetal Bhimjiani, Rehab Director

Hetal Bhimjiani
Rehab Director

Kathy Reilly, Admissions Director

Kathy Reilly
Admissions Director

Amanda Glidwell, Community Marketer

Amanda Glidwell
Community Marketer

Liza McAndrews, Clinical Liaison

Liza McAndrews
Clinical Liaison

Susan Brathwaite, Staff Development Coordinator

Susan Brathwaite
Staff Development Coordinator

Mora Royes, Case Manager/MDS Coordinator

Mora Royes
Case Manager/MDS Coordinator

Cheryl Lynch, Social Worker/Discharge Planner

Cheryl Lynch
Social Worker/Discharge Planner

Paula Vician, Long Term Care Social Worker

Paula Vician
Long Term Care Social Worker

Rosemary Damigella, Alzheimer’s Program Director

Rosemary Damigella
Alzheimer’s Program Director

Rebecca Lafond, Recreation Program Director

Rebecca Lafond
Recreation Program Director

Stacey Clinton, Business Office Manager

Stacey Clinton
Business Office Manager

Joe Marcotrigiano, Food Service Director

Joe Marcotrigiano
Food Service Director

Peter Burdick, Maintenance Director

Peter Burdick
Maintenance Director

Eddie Samilson, Housekeeping/Laundry Supervisor

Eddie Samilson
Recreation Program Director

Judith Melchorn, Medical Records Director

Judith Melchor
Medical Records Director

Arlene Walsh, Birds Hill Neighborhood Nurse Manager

Arlene Walsh
Birds Hill Neighborhood Nurse Manager

Farenkeh Kumalah, Alden Road Neighborhood Nurse Manager

Farenkeh Kumalah
Alden Road Neighborhood Nurse Manager