Pulmonary Rehabilitation Dover, MA

Briarwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center delivers top-notch specialized pulmonary care and services to individuals with a variety of acute and chronic lung disorders.

Through focused treatment and patient education, our team of committed and nurturing professionals assists patients in better understanding their conditions, empowering them to enjoy independence and improved quality of life.

The pulmonary care program at Briarwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center seeks to reduce pulmonary symptoms, decrease disability, increase participation in physical and social activities, and promote independence in patients.

Our Program Features:

  • Rehab Rooms equipped with In-Wall Oxygen, providing up to 15 liters of high flow oxygen
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy 7 days per week as ordered
  • Onsite Respiratory Therapy
  • 24-Hour Licensed Nursing Supervision
  • BLS & ACLS Trained Nurses & Therapists
  • Routine Physician Evaluations
  • Interdisciplinary Care Planning involving Patient & Family/Caregiver Support
  • Patient, Family & Caregiver Education/Training
  • Discharge Planning & Post-Discharge follow up onsite visit by Nurse Practitioner
  • The main goal of our Pulmonary Rehabilitation program is to reduce the need for hospitalization and re-hospitalization.

At Briarwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, patients and residents of Dover, MA feel completely at home, as they are able to significantly contribute to their surroundings and play an essential role in their own care.

Contact us at 781-449-4040 to learn more about our pulmonary rehabilitation program.

Dover is a town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 5,589 at the 2010 census. The first recorded settlement of Dover was in 1640. It was later established as the Springfield Parish of Dedham in 1748, and incorporated as District Dedham in 1784. Dover was officially incorporated as a town in 1836.

Dover, MA Resources:

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The Dover Foundation – The Dover Foundation is an energetic organization dedicated to promoting community spirit and community service.

Museum of World War II – The Museum of World War II is a research and educational institution devoted to preserving and exhibiting the reality of World War II.


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